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Valkyria Chronicles OST to arrive digital stores next week!

In celebration of the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster game launch, SEGA Games Japan will be releasing the Valkyria Chronicles OST digitally on the iTunes store worlwide this May 18th for 2,000 yen (USD $18.37 aprox).

UPDATE: The Valkyria Chronicles OST can be purchased now on iTunes.

The 52 track OST release will include 2 unreleased melody versions, the setlist is as follows:

1) Main Theme
2) Beautiful Gallia
3) Desperate Fight
4) Randgrith City
5) Everyday Training
6) Street Fighting
7) Hope for Tomorrow
8) Dailiy Life of the 7th Platoon
9) The Field
10) We Are the Barracks
11) Strategy Instructions
12) Urgent Instructions
13) Hard Fight
14) Europa at War
15) Wartime
16) The Gallian War
17) Battle
18) Farewell and Tears
19) War in the Empire
20) Old Memory
21) Maximilian
22) Close Combat
23) Valkyria’s Omen
24) Resistance
25) Valkyria’s Awakening
26) Difficult Battle
27) Defeat
28) Empty Loneliness
29) Title Main Theme
30) Chronicles of the Gallian War
31) A Moment of Relief
32) People of Darcus
33) 7th Platoon of the Volunteer Army
34) Fierce Combat
35) Randgrith Archduke’s Family
36) Anxiety
37) Decisive Battle
38) Memories of That Day
39) The Limits of the Quarrel
40) Defensive Fight
41) Composition of the Confrontation
42) The Violating Ones
43) Quiet Chat
44) Ground Battleship Marmot
45) Crisis Draws Near
46) End of the Ambitions
47) We Are the 7th Platoon
48) Final Decisive Battle
49) Conclusion
50) Succeeded Wish*
51) Those Who Succeeded
52) Succeeded Wish ~Piano Solo~*

*Unreleased re-recorded versions of these tracks


[via Press Release]


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