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Rumor: Treasure, the developer behind Gunstar Heroes, is done making new games

For years, Treasure has been consistent in developing high-quality games that were given universal acclaim. Treasure first made its mark with Gunstar Heroes, which debuted on the SEGA Genesis/ Mega Drive to high praise. Following that release, Treasure churned out a number of classics, including Alien Soldier, Guardian Heroes, Bangai-O, Ikaruga, and Wario World.

According to a recent podcast on Giant Bomb, there are rumors that Treasure might be shifting from a developer to a license holding company. Treasure has not released anything new since 2009, so it may have been inevitable for the company to go in this direction.

What was your favorite Treasure game? Sound off below!

Source: Giant Bombcast (via NeoGAF)



Marcin Gulik

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