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Legendary Dreamcast shooter Ikaruga coming to Switch this month

Earlier this month, developer Treasure teased that its legendary Dreamcast shooter Ikaruga would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, and today, we have confirmation that it is indeed true and coming sooner than we expected.

Ikaruga will release digitally on the Switch on May 29 in North America and Europe for $15 (equivalent pricing for EU) and will include local co-op, online leader boards and a TATE mode, that allows you to turn the screen vertical.

While we would have loved for a physical release, we’ll take what we can get because Ikaruga is a terrific game. Who knows, maybe Limited Run Games will come to the rescue? In any case, we’re incredibly excited to play Ikaruga again and think the Switch is a perfect system for shooters! Let us know if you’ll be picking it up later this month.

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