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Gunstar Heroes lands on SEGA Forever

Plus, Beyond Oasis receives continental update

Everyone’s* favourite run ‘n gun Treasure Game, Gunstar Heroes has been released on iOS and Android as part of the SEGA Forever line up.

Developed by Treasure, Gunstar Heroes was originally released on the Mega Drive/Genesis way back in 1993. It also received a fancy 3D update by M2, as part of the SEGA 3D Classics range on the Nintendo 3DS some 20 years later.

As always, SEGA Forever titles are free to download, supported by adverts. Or you can choose to buy the game and remove all advertising.

If you’re reading this on your Android or iOS device, click this magical link to visit your preferred store and download the game, now!¬†

There’s some more SEGA Forever news (see below) but first, here’s some Gunstar Heroes screenshots and some lovely pieces of artwork, courtesy of our friends at SEGA Europe:

But wait, there’s more SEGA Forever news for our mainland European friends!¬†The recently released Beyond Oasis (aka. Story of Thor) has just received a ‘continental’ update, now featuring¬†Spanish, French, and German localisations of the game. This is great news, as it’s a story-driven adventure game and has a decent amount of text, so non-English speaking folk will hopefully enjoy a better experience with the game.

If you missed out on Beyond Oasis, here’s another magical link for you to download it:

[Source: SEGA PR]

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