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Volks Inc. unveils more Puyo Puyo 25th Arle Nadja Dollfie pics

As we previously reported during the Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary stream highlights, Volks Inc. will be releasing an Arle Nadja Dollfie Doll with Carbuncle and Green Puyo on On May 5, 2016 during the Joint Festival 3 event in Japan. The price for this limited edition figure will be 56,000 yen (yes, start saving…). Volks Inc. has released its official site for the figure and more pictures for the figure today, enjoy:


mdl_MDDArle_p01 mdl_MDDArle_p02 mdl_MDDArle_p03 mdl_MDDArle_p04 mdl_MDDArle_p06





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