Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary stream highlights

SEGA Games Japan held a Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary stream on NicoNico a couple of hours ago. Puyo series producer, Hosoyamada Mizu, and company unveiled the latest information regarding the series.

First, regarding the current games: Yellow Satan skill, “Beast Rush!” mode, and special items will arrive to Puyo Puyo Quest for mobile devices, while Cat Ears Festival and Multiplayer party events will arrive to Puyo Puyo Touch on mobile devices.

The last news was regarding collab events and merchandise:
Puyo Puyo Quest Cafe will be back on Sweets Paradise¬†franchises, this time from March 17 to May 15, 2016 on its Ikebukuro local, plus SEGA’s Nail Print Arcade will have its Puyo Puyo designs available on the place.

Fashion Center Shimamura will release a Carbuncle Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary t-Shirt on March 12th, 2016 for 1,500 yen.

Volks Inc. will be releasing an Arle Nadja Dollfie Doll with Carbuncle and Green Puyo on On May 5, 2016. The price was not revealed but those dolls are usually over 20,000 yen.


And that’s pretty much it. Looking forward for the Tee and the Arle Dollfie.


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