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SEGA Prize sets release dates for SEGA Hard Girls figures

SEGA Prize will release its SEGA Hard Girls figures to the general public in the upcoming months in Japan. People will be finally able to get these figures on SEGA Prize / SEGA UFO Catchers retailers across that country. Though these new versions are a little different form their Wonfes exclusive counterparts (which we unboxed over here), that were released from 2014 thru 2015, these new versions don’t have the extra parts, are cheaper, have different paint job on their faces and clothes, plus new simpler packages.
The good thing about this, is that finally more fans will be able to get them for fair prices (since resale was selling the Wonfes versions for too much money). Will you be looking for one now? Let us know in the comments.

The release dates are as following:
Sega Hard Girls
premium figure “Sega Saturn”
■ Size: Height about 20 cm
■ release date: mid-January 2016

Sega Hard Girls
premium figure “Dreamcast”
■ Size: Height about 20 cm
■ release date: mid-February 2016

Sega Hard Girls
premium figure “Mega Drive”
■ Size: Height about 19 ​​cm
■ release date: 2016 late March 2016


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