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UNBOXING : Wave’s Hang-On arcade cabinet model kit

Wave released last year a model kit for Yu Suzuki’s and SEGA AM2’s classic arcade cabinet, Hang-On. Both, Jayson and I got our hands on a piece, but due to constant work we ended postponing this unboxing until now. This one is pretty simple, since it is one of the easiest to assemble model kits type (we did a more complex but fun tutorial for the Puyo Puyo Charagumins, which you can read over here).


Start by using the cutting pliers to release each part from the plastic sheet, once all parts are free remove the remains of the membranes with a cutter, it is important you do this because if you don’t it will make difficult for some parts to fit on the assembly process. From then on, the instruction manual is pretty easy to follow, no glue is needed.

After you get the red bike structure place the stickers, so that you have a surface to lean on and it becomes easier. When placing on corners or curves slide your finger from 1 point to the last one so that the sticker spreads in a uniform way over the plastic parts. Once that is done, take a cutter and rulers to release the arcade monitor screens from the paper sheet.

The rest of the instructions are pretty easy to follow. Once the model kit is assembled it looks great and it tilts like the original arcade!



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