Kotobukiya is re-releasing PSO Blue Burst RACASEAL: REDRIA model kit

Japanese model kit and figure manufacturer, Kotobukiya, is re-releasing its popular “Racaseal” elite female android ranger class from Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst model kit. Racaseal: Redria Ver.APSY comes in red colors and, once you assembly the kit, she has articulated parts for all kinds of action poses.

The 13.5 model kit will be re-released this July can be acquired / preordered internationally (ships all regions) on AmiAmi, Hobby Search, or Kotobukiya itself for a price of 4,104 yen.

– Reykjavik, seal latest series of Maki Asai prototype, [Reykjavik seal: REDRIA (Reddoria) Ver.APSY] appeared.

– The head is four, bangs parts are two types included, hip joint has adopted the movable shaft similar to the yellow Booz, reproduce the high action of.

– And this time, comes with a lot of voice of hope [short stature type] in the new shape!
– The new shape part for [short stature type] is over almost all of the site and the [arms] [the body] [leg].

– Wrist, comes with a high weapon retention `PVC-made wrist`, making it easy to play specification.
– Armed popular Spread needle] [Agito] [Beryl knuckle] [Soul Eater] is included.
– Mug Popular [shuttle] is included, you can enjoy a state of floating on the back clear arm of.

– Face and eyes has been reproduced in pre-painted, characteristic chest [Section ID] can be reproduced in the seal.

– Along with the origin of the action figure, it offers to everyone as a starting point for a new character plastic model.

TOY-RBT-3075_01 TOY-RBT-3075_05


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