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UNBOXING: Nendoroid Saturn

SEGA Hard Girls fans cried in joy last year when the Nendoroid SEGA Saturn preorder was announced. A way in which the western fans would be finally able to get some Hard Girls figures, since SEGA Prize released its own figures exclusively on Wonfes (a Japanese event were toy and figure manufacturers unveil their product lineups, we unboxed all of them for the site). And, boy, Nendo Saturn quickly became one of the most awaited SEGA figures in years.

Japanese manufacturers FREEing and Good Smile Company acquired licensing rights to release SEGA Hard Girls figures, being the 1:8 Skeleton Saturn the first one and the Nendoroid based on the Hi Scool SEHA Girls anime counterpart the second one. Let’s they can release Dreamcast and Mega Drive in the future as well.

Both FREEing and GSC figures were released this month, after a couple of weeks with delay due to the high demand. Now is time for the awaited Nendo Saturn unboxing. We start by taking a good look at the package, which is the standard box for most Nendos. Once we open the box and release the figure from the blister we can take a look at Youhei Kodama’s awesome sculpture work for FREEing.

The figure comes with a pair of upper arms, 5 pairs of lower arms with hands, collar, a pair of “Twin Stick” staffs, 3 expression face parts, a mini Saturn with controller, the main body, a kneeled leg down part, and her Nendo 4 point pivot base. Nendo Saturn uses the same ball pivot articulation system most Nendos and Figmas use, which allows 270° rotation for movement, but contrary to most Nendos which require the 3 point pivot base tripod to stand (due to their heavy big heads, can’t fight gravity I guess…), she can stand on her own thanks to her gravity center and twin tails.


Her accessories and versatile movements allow us to have a lot of fun and place her in any action and funny pose. It is one of the best and funniest Nendos I been able to have so far. And, as contrary to many Nendo releases her plastic parts can fit tight so they don’t end loose or unstable, her PVC /ABS material is also top notch, another thing that has been irregular on other Nendos. Personally I’m pretty happy with this figure, one of the best Nendo releases so far.




And haw about we let her join the other Saturn figure releases? About time isn’t it?

We can also have some fun with her and the Saturn console:

If you wish to see the 1:8 Skeleton Saturn figure unboxing you can do so here.


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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