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Bayonetta confirmed for Smash Bros.

In February of 2016, eager Smash¬†players will be blessed with yet more DLC in the form of everyone’s favourite sultry witch: Bayonetta.

Not only will she be able to use her trademark guns but “Witch Time” will slow down blocked opponents. According to Nintendo, Bayonetta was the most voted for combatant to be added to the game in Europe,¬† so it was probably a no-brainer for them to add her.

If you haven’t already picked up Bayonetta 2 for Wii U then you are missing one of the best experiences on the console. It’s stylish, lavish and intimately playable.

Andrew Pine

Hailing from Australia, Andrew is a budding games journalist with years of experience and a hefty collection. He's a PAL collector and Sega Saturn obsessive who is aiming at collecting every PAL released Saturn game. Yes, even Deep Fear.

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