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Bayonetta PC updated with a little Vanquish teaser – could it be the next PC port?

Those eagle-eyed folks over at NeoGaf have done it again – one member, BernardoOne, posted up in a new thread that a Vanquish image has been discovered in Bayonetta‘s latest update for the PC. In fact, at just 22kb download, it wasn’t discovered *in* the update so much as it was *the* update.

The update essentially placed a little Vanquish avatar in Bayonetta‘s Steam Extras folder (see image below) – leading to speculation that a Vanquish PC port could be on the way.

If it is, I will probably pee my pants a little with excitement – because in my opinion, Vanquish is probably one of the most severely under-rated games I played last generation. Many mistook it for a Gears of War-wannabe, with its cover-based shooting. But throw in giant mechanical enemies, a huge space station and then a suit with jets that allow you to slide across the floor at intense speeds, while shooting tons of enemies and you’ve got a whole new type of game, people!

[Source: NeoGaf]

Graham Cookson

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