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Let’s Play: Bayonetta (Steam release)

So after Bayonetta‘s sudden release on Steam a couple of days ago, we decided to have a little play on it and show people what it’s like. So, if you’re on the fence, you can see it in action and decide for yourself.

Now, unfortunately I didn’t have a 4K display to test out the 4K upgrade in visuals – but the game was running in full HD, at max setting and it runs beautifully on my system. Admittedly I do have a relatively decent graphics card now, but that doesn’t always guarantee solid performance, especially if a game has been poorly ported or not optimised for PC.

Visually the game holds up pretty well – considering it’s now about 7 years old. I do feel like some of the colours are slightly washed out though – although I don’t know if my memory is playing tricks on me from when I played the Xbox 360 version many, many moons ago.

Gameplay wise, I think it really holds up. It’s a game that anyone can jump in, button mash and enjoy themselves (that’s what I do). But once you learn the game’s finer art of fighting, you’ll no doubt enjoy the experience even more, as you bust out technique after technique – like a pro, angel-ass-kicking-witch!

You will also have to forgive my rubbish abilities. I’ve never been great at fast-paced action games like Bayonetta and it really shows in this video. But I hope you enjoy it and it helps you make up your minds on whether you’ll pick it up.

Remember: if you do want to buy the game, get in there before April 25, 2017 – because then you’ll have access to additional bonus content, free of charge. Worth it.

Graham Cookson

I'm the European Editor of SEGA Nerds and co-founder of the original SEGA Nerds website with Chris back in 2004 or 2005 (genuinely can't remember which year it was now!). I've been a SEGA fan pretty much all my gaming life - though I am also SEGA Nerds' resident Microsoft fanboy (well, every site needs one) and since SEGA went third party, I guess it's now ok to admit that I like Nintendo and Sony too :0) I'm also the Content Manager of the big data company, Digital Contact Ltd, in the UK: http://digitalcontact.co.uk/company/team/

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