Crush 40 working on new album

On a recent Q&A Facebook post, Crush 40‘s vocalist Johnny Gioeli, stated the band is working on a new full length album:

Any plans for a new Crush 40 album?

~Yes…we are planning a new full length CD for 2016.

Any plans for Crush 40 tour in Europe?

~The only tentative plan at this time is a UK show for Crush 40

The band’s last album was a compilation called 2 Nights 2 Remember, their shows this year included Youmacon at Detroit and an upcoming one in Japan for the annual Sonic Fan fest in a few days. Sonic is turning 25 years old next year, so… will this “on the works” release have something to do with it? Only time will tell!

Crush 40 at Mexico
Crush 40 at Mexico. Photo Credit: Köpke


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