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Check out our Sonic Adventure Music Experience at MAGFest 2018

MAGFest has become a sort of annual tradition for us here at SEGA Nerds. We go every year to meet up with friends, grab some merch, and play some retro video games (after six or seven beers).

This year was extra exciting because for the first time ever, Jun Senoue brought his Sonic Adventure Music Experience to the United States. We were lucky enough to witness this once-in-a-lifetime up close and personal, and we even recorded some footage just for you guys!

You can check out our a clip of Emerald Coast (Azure Blue World) above, and Ice Cap plus Emerald Coast (Windy and Ripply) below.

Here was their full setlist (courtesy of TSSZ News, because I’ve got a bad memory) :

Windy and Ripply…For Emerald Coast

This Way Out…for Prison Lane

Rumbling HWY…for Mission Street

Choose Your Buddy

Welcome to Station Square

Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes)

Mr. Unsmiley…for Sky Rail

Vengeance is Mine…for Radical Highway

Won’t Stop, Just Go!…for Green Forest

Theme of Dr. Eggman (Sonic Adventure)

Run Through the Speed Highway…for Speed Highway

Skydeck a Go Go…for Sky Deck

Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy…for Ice Cap

Keys the Ruin…for Pyramid Cave

Bad Taste Aquarium…for Hot Shelter

Theme of Chaos 6 (Sonic Adventure)

Azure Blue World…for Emerald Coast

That’s the Way I Like It…for Metal Harbor


Marcin Gulik

Been a gamer all my life. Studied Sociology and Criminology in college, and traveled for a bit. I like long walks on the beach and I like to listen to... (wait wrong site....) Sega Dreamcast and Shenmue all the way!

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