A new Madou Monogatari remastered collection is coming to Japan

As we previously reported, D4 and EGG Project have been releasing COMPILE’s and other companies legacy games remastered versions for PC. Last year they released a Madou Monogatari 1.2.3 & ARS compilation, because of its success, the project has stated they are re-releasing it this year (though it will be available until September 2016), and a new remastered compilation “Madou Monogatariki ~yu ~ Kyoku taizen-tsū” (something translated like Madou Monogatari request – Bureau communication collection) which is coming on May 20th, 2016 for a price of 8,700 yen + tax.

The new compilation will include the remaining Mega Drive, PC-9801 and MSX releases, including “Madou Monogatari I“, the last title of the series to be released on the same Mega Drive. Madou Monogatari I, Ra~tsukyo to eat carbuncle disk station Book type No. 1, Ra~tsukyo to eat carbuncle disk station 98 No. 20, Daimadō senryaku monogatari 95 (announced Dec 17th), Imohori (announced Dec 17th), Madou Monogatari Michikusa Revelations (announced Dec 25th), Daimashirube strategy story (announced Dec 25th), and Madou Monogatari 456 have been announced for the release.

The release will include the Mega Drive cover and an OST.

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If you wish to get the new compilation you can get it here, though its in Japanese, runs in all current Windows version, from Win Vista to Win 10 in 32 and 64 bits. If you wish to get the previous Madou Monogatari 1.2.3 & ARS compilation you can get it over here.


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