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Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation HD fan project in the works

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation HD is a fan-made remastering of Core Design’s fourth Tomb Raider sequel originally released in 1999 for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. Many regard TR: TLR as Core Design’s swan song and the best sequel since the 1996 original. TR:TLR was ported to Sega’s Dreamcast in 2000 with exclusive graphical enhancements.

RaidingTheGlobe, the team behind the project, are currently working with the Official Tomb Raider Level Editor via an unofficial custom-made editor called Tomb Raider Next Generation Level Editor. The team is promising a slew of new features such as; HD textures, HD FMV’s, increased draw distance, restructured 3d models, updated sprites, dynamic fog and shadows.

The TR: TLR HD team has hopes to port the project to OPENLara, an open source engine by XProger that would allow for more advanced graphical effects such as real-time shadows, 60fps, and realistic water shaders.

Also, the team is incorporating a secrets counting system that makes finding the in-game secrets easier. In the original TR: TLR, the amount of secrets wasn’t specified per level, but by total amount in the entire game. The newly implemented secrets counter now tracks all secrets per level.

No specified release date has been announced yet. TR: TLR is stated for a Windows release as a free upgrade so get your digital copy on Steam (it’s on sale until October 3rd!) and relive your Dreamcast tomb raiding days!

Check out the official page for the project at RaidingTheGlobe.

Before and after screenshots:



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