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New 3D Puyo Puyo 2 and 3D Power Drift info and screens

As we have reported before, a 2nd physical compilation volume for SEGA’s 3D Classics on the 3DS is on its way to be released on Japan this December. 2 of the games that will be exclusive for this version will be 3D Puyo Puyo 2 and Yu Suzuki’s amazing racer 3D Power Drift. SEGA of Japan has released today more information about these versions:


3D Puyo Puyo 2


The second installment in Compile’s popular action puzzle series “Puyo Puyo” series makes its way to 3D for the “Sega 3D Classics Volume 2“!

The title was highly popular among the series fans, based on the original arcade version. The “offset” rule is the first time was adopted for this title, the competition is even more intense! “Sega 3D Classics Volume 2” version, supports local play for the Ninty 3DS, you can also enjoy wireless communication for versus competition with 2 players.

The title includes the basic Puyo system were the more you collide at the more damage makes to the opponent but with a new “Oja Mapuyo” punishment. But it also allows you to quick turn your Puyos as counter for the attacks.

The 3D version includes: Saving a replay matches, slide path support, difficulty options, “Oja Mapuyo” rule on/off switch, rule changes, margin times, sound settings, and control customization support.

3D Power Drift

img_keyFrom the Mastermind that created “Outrun” and “Afterburner II”, Yu Suzuki, comes AM2 upscaler racer, Power Drift, now in 3D!  Boarded with a powerful monster machine, it runs a 3D circuit course with up-down features that allows you to feel like in a roller coaster. Similar to “Galaxy Force II”, the virtual game’s “Y board” was adopted. 1 course and 5 stages with rich scenes that compose 25 stages + α charming BGM.

Porting this game to this 3D version was the result of poll made for the Japanese fans, this is the first time this title gets such a version like this. This version supports Wide-screen.

The 3D version includes: Saving a replay matches, slide path support, difficulty options, operation type system options, gear type, screen sizes configurations, tilt screen like in the original arcade, sound settings like enviromental sound and equalizer plus a new track, and control customization support.


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