Hiro’s alternate band, H.K.S., to perform live Tonight

As we reported previously on an article, SEGA’s legendary composer,  Hiroshi Kawaguchi aka Hiro, has an alternate music band with other game music composer veterans called H.K.S. Well, as we also reported on that article they are having a gig tonight, October 23rd in Japan, since they are hours ahead of us.

The concert will be a part of the Area Pikopiko 88 Festival in Kawasaki, there will be other performers as opening acts as well. So if you are around the place and hace 2,000 yen, head over here and grab your ticket.

Area Pikopiko 88 Festival
~ HKS (hyper-cool system) Special –

October 24, 2015 (Sat) 14: 00 ~ 20: 00
Attoclub moonlight dream terrace (4F) [Kawasaki]

■ guest
HKS … “Hiro”, “Tomono Katsumi”, and “Kageyama Shota”.

■Regular DJ
Yu Miyake
lightning rod

■ regular VJ

■ Admission
2,000 yen with one drink



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