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TGS 2015 : SEGA Day 2 Stream Hightlights

The 2nd day of stream activities presented less titles to look but 3 of the being interesting. The stream started with the formal staff and hostess introduction, then a brief explanation on the booth, the game lineup, the freebies and the merch available a their Store like they did in the previous day. The only new element was them promoting the upcoming SEGA 3D Classics Vol 2 Physical compilation.

For the first segment, Nonaka Ryutaro (DFCI Producer), Osamu Takashi Terada (DFCI Director), and Serizawa Kamooto (DFCI Battle planner) joined the stage for some Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax: Ignition banter. They started by presenting the new characters for this version such as Emi Yusa (from The Devil is a Part Timer), Kazuma Kamachi’s (Railgun, Magical Index) Heavy Object characters, or Mahouka’s Tetsuya now as playable and assist. They also explained you can choose a third “Blast character” for each battle, once you reach certain criteria you’ll be able to choose and use an “Ignition” attack, that’s why of the new suffix for the game, which title was chosen by Terada. New game theme “ID” by LiSA was also introduced in the stream. The las activity for this segment was the Dengeki Fighting Cosplay Girls joining the stage to challenge the developer team.

Fighting Climax: Ignition, will arrive to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita on December 17th 2015 in Japan.

The second segment was a Ryu Ga Gotoku banter featuring Toshihiro Nagoshi, who mostly repeated a lot of the nostalgic memories from the previous day, about 10 years so far of the series and it being a human drama on a Japanese setting and the new theme artist and Kitano invited to the 2 new games. Nagoshi also talked about the gameplay and battle system being improved for Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami, and the addition of some new mini games. You can catch up the previous announcements on our Day 1 report.  After that voice actor, Nakano, joined Noagoshi for some nostalgia anecdotes on Ryu Ga Gotoku production.

The third and last segment to notice was about The World End Eclipse, Motoyama Shinji (Producer and formerly worked on Valkyria Chronicles, Kunoichi aka Nightshade,  Project X Zone, etc.) and Hatta TadashiMinoru (Operations Director) joined the stage to talk about their new Free to play game for PC and mobile. The story and the gameplay system seems quite uniqe, we’re talking about an RPG that combines action games, with RTS, exploration, crafting, and team battling system.

The setting of the game happens in a devastated world that battled a giant Dragon, the survivors were chased from their lands and forced to build a city in the remains (corpse) of that dragon. You become Stella, the Captain and Strategist of a group of Corps that will defend the city from Ghouls, Demons, and other humans. The game involves strategy to move your army and defend the city, exploration to search for land to expand your territory, a crafting system for weapons, and Action RPG elements for the battling system. You can also recruit more elements to your army.

Both also talked about the recent demo to be released for mobile and PC, and that a lot of people have already registered for it in Japan. The title will arrive mobile devices on October this year, PC version is set for Fall this year, but the Vita version date is still pending. A Pre-Registration site has been opened for both PC & mobile offering benefits for Japanese users.


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