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Rush Rush Rally Racing in stock at GOAT Store

For those completely out of the loop, Rush Rush Rally Racing (R4) is a top-down, 2D racing game, developed by Senile Team and published by RedSpotGames for the Dreamcast.

The game was originally released to celebrate the Dreamcast’s 10th anniversary of Dreamcast in 2009, and the regular edition of the game sold out in less than two months. The publisher also produced a deluxe edition for the game, which they kept reprinting for a couple of years, until the Sturmwind distribution disaster. Since then RedSpotGames have been missing in action, and by some miracle, Goat Store Publishing has procured the last remaining copies from Senile Team.

It is interesting that not only have they managed to get the R4DX Edition ($55), they also have the original edition ($30) in stock.

R4, to date, is the only racing game from the Dreamcast indie scene, which I could go on and tell you how great it is, but I rather you watch Andrew Pine’s impressions.

If you like what you see, I urge you to get your copy, before they’re gone forever!


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