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Puyo Puyo On Stage premieres in Japan

Puyo Puyo On Stage premiered this May 2nd (2015) on the Tokyo Akasaka ACT Theater. It is a stage play produced by SEGA and Sonic Team to celebrate the franchise’s 24th Anniversary. With a complete sold out at the box office, Puyo Puyo fans were delighted with a musical comedy story that covered jokes since the early “Madou Monogatari” (Compile’s Dungeon Crawler RPG where most of the Puyo characters like Arle Nadja, Carbuncle, or Satan debuted) days to the most recent Puyo Fever, 20th Anniversary, or Puyo Tetris moments.

The stage play circles around a magical puyo wish made by Arle, who adventures with the rest of the Madou Academy Students on a comedy tale that delighted the fans watching actors in pretty accurate costumes.  If you wish to read more about the cast be sure to take a look at our previous post.

Puyo Puyo on Stage will be performed until May 6th 2015. A DVD & Blue Ray containing the performance will be released by SEGA later this year. In the meantime… fans who attend the stage play will be able to purchase exclusive 24th Anniversary Merch.

Theater gallery:

Backstage Gallery:

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[Photos via Puyo Series Producer: Hosoyamada Mizu]


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