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Meet the cast for Puyo Puyo On Stage!

SEGA is celebrating Puyo Puyo’s 24th Anniversary as a franchise, so one of the recent activities for that will be a stage play to be held from May 2nd though 6th on Japan. The actors for such play have been revealed and presented in costumes:

Ito Risako as Arle Nadja
Ito Risako as Arle Nadja

Kato Rihona as Amitie
Ito Risako as Arle Nadja

Yui Kawamura as Ringo
Ito Risako as Arle Nadja

Amatorīra as Satan
Ito Risako as Arle Nadja

Other actors include: Aya as Sig, Aya Kinoshita as Raffine, Marina Tagami as Klug, Juria Kawakami as Teacher Accord, Ruuto as Schezo Wegey, and Mika Kikuchi as Rulue. Puyo Puyo on Stage official site can be visited here.

As part of the celebration announcements, Puyo series producer, Hosoyamada Mizu unveiled the new TV Spot for Puyo Puyo Quest, enjoy!

Puyo Puyo


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