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SEGA Fan Jam event returns this Fall

Last year in November, SEGAbits hosted an event called Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam 2014 in which, with aid of The Guild Hall of Savannah providing them a venue, aimed to gather fans to celebrate SEGA’s video games, showcase SEGA fan films, and held panels with special guests like Archie-Sonic comic book artist Tracy Yardley and other SEGA fansite’s key people.

This year, the SEGAbits SEGA Fan Jam event returns this Fall, aiming to become bigger than its previous edition with more games, activities, and special guests from the SEGA community.

But, like any event, logistics and budget become a necessary thing in order to achieve success, so the organizers are requiring donations to cover such venue, event logistics expenses and special guests. A GoGetFunding page requiring only $1 via Paypal for Fan Jam 2015 funding has been opened to achieve a $7,000 goal.

poster segabits sega fan jam 2105
poster segabits sega fan jam 2105

It’s not that much so be sure to donate! SEGA fans do require a good space to gather, and this is a nice effort to gather the community around that area!

In the next coming months, SEGAbits will be announcing special guests, ticket prices, and more info about the event. So stay tuned!

You can visit the SEGA Fan Jam 2015 site here.

Or donate $1 for SEGA Fan Jam 2015 on their GoGetFunding page here.

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