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SEGA Amusements Japan reveals JAEPO 2015 lineup

SEGA Amusements Japan announced their lineup for this year’s JAEPO, which is happening on February 13th & 14th. The list consists on 10 titles: 3 Arcades, 2 Medal Games, 3 Arcades for kids, and 2 new UFO catchers.

Among those, SEGA Amusements Japan has also announced a couple of sequels, collaboration titles, and licensed ones:

  • Mushiking (which was also referenced on the recent SEGA Hard Girls anime), this new version will begin operations on Summer this year, and feature 2 player gaming. Mushiking’s official announcement can be seen on their webpage.
  • Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, which has been developed by Capcom based on Ninty’s IP, we don’t know how SEGA is going to be involved in it, but so far it will be at SEGA’s JAEPO booth. We suppose it may have to do with the board and cabinet hardware it will be using since it’s like a rail shooter that uses similar hardware to the HoTD ones.
  • KanColle Arcade, Kadokawa’s popular card browser game makes its arcade debut which is developed by no other than SEGA’s AM2, a team that’s making its comeback. You can read more about this on a previous report we did earlier this year.
SEGA JAEPO 2015  Lineup
Chunithm CHUNITHM Team MaiMai’s new Air Guitar Rhythm Arcade
Border Break Scramble 4.5 Border Break Scramble 4.5 Border Break’s latest arcade version
Wonderland Wars Wonderland Wars  SEGA’s new Pen touch MMO Strategy Arcade
Maimai Orange Maimai Orange MaiMai’s (Rhythm Arcade) new version
Mushiking Mushiking SEGA’s new Mushiking Arcade which now features 2 player game
StarHorse3 SeasonIV StarHorse3 SeasonIV DREAM ON THE TURF SEGA’s new StarHorse version, place your bets!
KanColle Arcade KanColle Arcade SEGA AM2 is back on the arcade circuit bringing Kadokawa’s popular card browser game to cabinets
Luigi's Mansion Arcade Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Ninty’s arcade title developed by Capcom
Gacha Mambo Jr. Gacha Mambo Jr. A new roulette arcade
100 Medals GINGAAAN!! 100 Medals GINGAAAN !! A new roulette arcade
UFO Catcher 9 UFO Catcher 9 SEGA’s new UFO Catcher model
Cubic 4 Catcher Cubic 4 Catcher Love UFO Catcher? How about 4 in 1 now?
Picture is ~ out Sand Picture is ~ out Sand An arcade for kids in which they have to build a projected image with sand
K-021 Mobile infantry Ares K-021 Mobile infantry Ares An arcade robot ride for kids

As you can see SEGA’s JAEPO 2015 booth is pretty big, since SEGA is still a major player in Japan. Here’s the map showing their booth, click on it to see a bigger file. SEGA Amusements Japan has their official website for the event now, which you can visit here.

SEGA's JAEPO 2015 Booth map
SEGA’s JAEPO 2015 Booth map


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