Check out this fan-made soundtrack of classic SEGA racing games

SEGA’s racing games have always had catchy tunes to listen to as you zoomed past your pals on the racetrack. A group of fans have come together to honor those racing games with a fan-made album, “arranging music from several arcade and console racing games released by Sega.”

This album features 11 tracks from 14 different artists and was created to help promote “video game music, video games, all the original composers’ compositions, and the talented musical and visual artists that contributed to this project.”

Take a look at the track list below:

1. Ben BriggsPrototypeRaptor – “Rolling Start!”

Source: Daytona USA (Arcade) – “The King of Speed”
Original Composer: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

2. Dj Mokram – “Green Dust Highway”

Source: Sega Rally Championship (Sega Saturn) – “Forest Replay ~evaluation~”
Original Composer: Naofumi Hataya

3. UV Sir J – “Dat Yugo”

Source: Indy 500 (Arcade) – “Expert’s Course BGM (Bay Side Street)”
Original Composers: Tomoyuki Kawamura, David Leytze

4. PalpableDiodes – “Plastik Skies”

Source: Daytona USA (Arcade) – “Sky High”
Original Composer & Lyricist: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

5. Rexy feat. Xenon Odyssey – “Magical Soul Shower”

Source: OutRun (Arcade) – “Magical Sound Shower”; Cameo: “Splash Wave”
Original Composer: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

6. Tuberz McGee – “YOU’RE TOO SLOWE!”

Source: NASCAR Arcade (Arcade) – “Revvin’ Up”
Original Composer & Lyricist: Jun Senoue

7. Txai – “Autos, Arps & Minimoogs”

Source: Daytona USA (Arcade) – “The King of Speed”; Cameos: The Hybrid Front (Sega Genesis) – “Your Army Turn (Part 2 – Variation 2)” and “Ending,” Marvel vs. Capcom (Arcade) – “Theme of Morrigan,” Thunder Blade (Arcade) – “Thunder Blade”
Original Composer: Naofumi Hataya

8. UV Sir JDiGi ValentineJ.ME the Sista’ UV – “Tail Chaser”

Sources: Metropolis Street Racer – “You Can Love Me,” “Let’s Get It On Tonight”
Original Composer & Lyricist: Richard Jacques

9. José the Bronx Rican – “Five Laps”

Source: Virtua Racing Deluxe (Sega 32X) – “Replay”
Original Composer: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

10. Level 99 – “Final Ride”

Source: OutRun (Arcade) – “Last Wave”; Cameos: Daytona USA (Sega Saturn) – “Let’s Go Away,” OutRun (Arcade) – “Magical Sound Shower,” Sonic R – “Can You Feel the Sunshine?,” Sega Rally Championship (Sega Saturn) – “Game Over Yeah!”
Original Composer: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

11. UV Sir J – “Tail Chaser (Instrumental)”

Sources: Metropolis Street Racer – “You Can Love Me,” “Let’s Get It On Tonight”
Original Composer: Richard Jacques

You can download the entire album by clicking here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Marcin Gulik

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