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Football Manager 15 debuts at 3, Alien: Isolation moves up in UK sales charts

Sports Interactive’s beloved football simulation Football Manager 15 released in the UK on Nov. 7 and quickly secured the third spot in the UK sales charts, ending on Nov. 8. This year’s iteration of the series performed better than last year’s in the sales charts when it debuted at the 18th spot.

Meanwhile, Alien: Isolation was able to recover from moving down to the 13th spot in last week’s sales charts by moving up to the fourth spot this week. The jump in sales is most likely due to an across-the-board price drop at UK retailer GAME, which currently has current-gen versions of the game available for £24 .99 and last gen-versions for £19 .99. A similar, but more drastic price drop worked very well for Alien: Colonial Marines.

Unfortunately, Bayonetta 2 is yet again nowhere to be seen in the top 40 sales charts. Despite debuting at the seventh spot when it was released, Bayonetta 2 dropped completely out of the top 40 last week in its second week of release. Perhaps more worrisome for Bayonetta 2 is it dropped down to the fourth spot in the Wii U sales charts, being overtaken by New Super Marios Bros. U and Nintendo Land. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo lowers the price for the game in hopes of spurring sales, but it’s Nintendo so that probably won’t happen.

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