Aliens: CM, Sonic ASRT drop in UK charts ending July 20

Expectedly, Aliens: Colonial Marines saw quite a big drop in the UK sales charts ending July 20, going from the 10th spot the week before to finishing at the 26th spot. Honestly, I’m still surprised the game made such a significant jump at all as it’s been out for quite awhile now.

Additionally, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed dropped from 36th to 37th, which isn’t a huge drop. It’s been maintaing a fairly steady placement in the bottom top 40 sales charts, which means it must be making some pretty decent sales for SEGA. Hopefully, this continued interest will mean we get some more great DLC, like the recent Gen. Winter release.

Sadly, those two games were the only for SEGA in the top 40 and probably will be for awhile as the next SEGA release isn’t until August when Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F releases on the PlayStation 3.

[Via Chart Track]

Chris Powell

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