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Leona’s Tricky Adventure update

It would appear that beta testing on Leona’s Tricky Adventure has started, for those who may be unfamiliar with the upcoming Dreamcast puzzle adventure game by Germany based KTX software here is a quick synopsis:

Leona’s Tricky Adventure is a clever puzzle adventure in a charming retro look. Explore a world of mystery and cutesy residents and recover a lost paradise by solving logic puzzles. With a story line created by the comic authors Musal M. & B. Samuel and the music of the brilliant composer Chris Huelsbeck, Tricky Adventure is a perfect treat for connoisseurs.

 After the success of Redux: Dark Matters and Pier Solar on KickStarter, KTX Software decided to get in on the crowd funding action and presented Leona’s Tricky Adventure to the community. Unfortunately KTX pulled the plug on it 5 days before the deadline, mainly the game failed to pick up any momentum and had only raised £1,794 out of the targeted £35,000. Selling a Puzzle game is more difficult than selling a sh’mup, but how could Water Melon and Hucast raise more than double where as Leona couldn’t even attain 10%?

The answer can be found at KTX’s official website:

KTX Software Development is an international company whose self-developed products are sold worldwide. Besides the development of pure entertainment software KTX is engaged in research projects in collaboration with the Technical University of Darmstadt to develop concepts and technology for serious games with an office at the University. KTX holds development licenses from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, and relies on a unique development stack, developed in-house at KTX (Kt & Kha), which can directly target all relevant systems; HTML5, mobile systems (iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo DS) and even the current game consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Welcome to our website!

I have never read a more corporate introduction to an indie studio. the stoic introduction was coupled with an extremely clinical website. After reading it I asked myself a question; “What attracts most people towards the indie scene?” Let’s look at some of the other developers Hucast introduces themselves simply as the one stop Dreamcast Indie Store, Senile Team is Proudly forgetting decades of video game history, Water Melon is the Magical Game Factory.

All developers mission statement is accompanied by a vibrant website that projects the developers passion. Also all of the aforementioned developers have a strong bond with the community.  Indie developers are people like us only difference is they are perusing dreams that we couldn’t. Even if you don’t share their dreams, you can still relate to them Senile Team grew up playing Streets of Rage, their first game was Beats of Rage. Now that is a retro developer we want to rally behind, so it is little surprise that KTX Software failed to attract the audience they needed.

KTX Software did not cancel the game though, instead they opened pre-orders on TrickyLeona.com, those who pre-ordered the game were to automatically become beta testers as well. Although the game was announced for a release date of July 2013 the game was still beta testing until September 2013, sooner after KTX went dark. We contacted a number of KTX’s clients and none of them could give us any details on beta testing. Apparently they were also out of the loop. Well that was up until a few days ago:

Release Candidate 1 of Leona for Dreamcast is now available on the beta download site. When you have the time, please check it out and tell us how it works for you (even if everything is fine – we would like to hear about that too so we can send it to the pressing plant with confidence).
Preordered but didn’t participate in the beta test? Not a problem, please get in contact and we will hook you up.

Via KTX Facebook

Additionally Leona’s website appears to be getting a revamp as well. At the moment it just states:

…Under construction for publishing…

For more information head on over to the Dreamcast-Scene Leona’s Tricky Adventure page.


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