The Blast Processors release latest album ‘Genesis’

The Blast Processors’ album art for their first, full-length album titled “Genesis.”

Our buddies The Blast Processors have just released their first full-length album appropriately titled “Genesis,” and you can purchase it here for only $7.

If you love SEGA, which you should if you’re reading our site, you’ll get all gushy inside just by reading a few of the track listings, such as “Genesis Does,” “The Last Stand of Dr. Ivo Robotnik” and “The Streets of Rage.”

The Blast Processors are based in Toronto, Canada, but actually traveled back in time from the year 2101, where “a terrible war, precipitated by the console wars of the 1990s, have ravaged mankind,” according to their website.

Determined to change the course of history, The Blast Processors tried to make it back to the ’90s, but, unfortunately, their time modulator was powered by the Game Gear and ran out of juice, and they’ve been stranded in present day. Fortunately for us, they’ve decided to rock instead.

You can support their selfless mission by visiting their site, where you can listen to their new album, as well as some of their past work.

Visit their site here.

Chris Powell

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