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Community Art of the Month: June, the SEGA Sonic Birthday Special!

Hi everyone!

Our Monthly section in which we gather the amazing SEGA related art the community has been doing around the web is here. This time month is quite different, we’re celebrating Sonic’s and also SEGA’s Birthday this month!

So this is Art of the Month SEGA Sonic Special!

Happy Birthday Sonic by Köpke

Want to check our past editions? Here are the links for the past months so far:

January | February | March | April | MayDreamcast Posters | and additionally we’ve released some great Trading Cards last month for our anniversary.

Remember to send to us via our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, or G+) some of the stuff you find or done by yourselves to be part of this section.


Sonic Boom by A-R-Q

Sonic 1 : Spring Yard Zone by Air-City

Sonic 23rd the Hero by Mozuku

Happy Birthday Sonic! by Nashi

Leading Role by M

Air Rider by Chiikalicious

Sonic Generations by Fumuu

Sonic CD by RealSonicSpeed

Sonic 4 EP 2: White Park Zone by Anthony Brown

Sonic 23rd Birthday Unleashed by Ruri

Sonic the Sketchog by Mimi

Sonic OVA by BlumanX

Green Hill Zone by Orioto

Sonic Legacy Vol 1 by Sonic Archie Comics Artist, Ben Bates

Sonic & Knuckles by Default-Deviant

Sonic 2 by Tiger Angel

Sonic x Hatsune Miku by Bukiko

Sonic Unleashed by Shiro munako

Sonic Doodles by BettyKwong

Sonic by Aoki

Sonic loves Windows by Ganasshu

Sonic 20th & Arle Puyo Puyo by Ka zami ne

Sonic! by Dave Domínguez


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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