SEGA Nerds Trading Cards: Series 1

We are celebrating today (and during the whole month) our site’s anniversary… so we decided to release from now on an annual tradition: Behold! The SEGA Nerds Trading Cards: Series 1!!

We will be releasing two cards each week until the month is done, eight in total, so check this post regularly, it will be updated. Each card is a collaboration between our staff writers and community artists we invited. You will require this cards for a special giveaway at the end of the month. So download them and print them! Collect all eight!

Here’s the 1st one for today’s release:

1) RYO HAZUKI : Art by: Dave Domínguez // Card text by: Bilal Zia

Download the card file (front and back) here.

Ryo Hazuki by Dave Domínguez


2) BEAT : Art by: Steve J Gregson // Card text by: James Tocchio

Download the card file (front and back) here.

Beat by Steve J Gregson


3) SCOOTER the ROBOT : Art by: HG Santarriaga // Card text by: Andrew Pine

Download the card file (front and back) here.

Scooter by HG Santarriaga


4) ARLE NADJA : Art by: Ale Salcido // Card text by: Köpke

Download the card file (front and back) here.

Arle Nadja by Ale Salcido


5) NiGHTs : Art by: Diana Itzel // Card text by: Lee Sparkes

Download the card file (front and back) here.

NiGHTs by Diana Itzel


6) EDGE : Art by: Carvente // Card text by: Graham Cookson

Download the card file (front and back) here.

EDGE by Carvente


7) ALEX KIDD : Art by: Köpke // Card text by: Chris Powell

Download the card file (front and back) here.

Alex Kidd by Köpke


7) SONIC THE HEDGEHOG : Art by: Gina Chacón // Card text by: Steven Clem

Download the card file (front and back) here.

Alex Kidd by Köpke


INSTRUCTIONS:  Download the .PDF file in the link after each card title. Print the front page on the white card paper that fits on your printer by telling Adobe Reader to just print the first page on the printing menu. Flip your paper on the printer paper tray once the cover is done, then tell it to print the second page, be sure to check the side your printer releases the paper so you don’t screw each side of the card.

Once this is done, you’ll need a ruler, a cutter, and a surface to scratch. Align the ruler using the cross marks printed on the edges of each side of the card, cut from side to side. If you have problem with cutters, you can trace a line with a pencil from point to point and use scissors too! There is some space bleed on the print so you won’t miss. And that’s it! Enjoy your cards!


This is the complete main deck… what kind of surprise is awaiting?…




Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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