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Community Art of the Month: May

Hi everyone!

It took us a while this time, sorry for the delays, I’ve been too busy with a lot of work lately (and by that I really mean a lot), but it’s finally here!  Our Monthly section in which we gather the amazing SEGA related art the community has been doing around the web. Remember to send to us via our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, or G+) some of the stuff you find or done by yourselves to be part of this section.

Want to check our past editions? Here are the links for the past months so far:

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Misaka Mikoto from A Scientific Railgun as appering in SEGA x Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX by MatsuRyu
Misaka Mikoto by MatsuRyu

Dominion Dollar (Nagare) from Hero Bank by Rojio
Dominion Dollar by Rojio

Ulala from Space Channel 5 pt. 2 by ziro264
Ulala by ziro264

Ash from Hell Yeah!  by Moony Wings
Ash by Moony Wings

Xecty from Shining Tears X Wind by Werkbau
Xecty by Werkbau

Hatsune Miku x Virtual On from Project Diva  by JAG
Hatsune Miku x Virtual On by JAG

Amy from Sonic Boom  by baitong9194
Sonic Boom Amy by baitong9194

Jet, Blaze, Silver, & Tikal by Ganache
Jet, Blaze, Silver, & Tikal by Ganache

Honey from Fighting Vipers  by Bunchiku
Honey by Bunchiku

Tillis from Burning Rangers  by Shaky Shaky
Tillis by Shaky Shaky

Shion from Wonder Boy V: Monster World III  by Kamiomutsu
Tillis by Kamiomutsu

S from Puyo Puyo Tetris  by Yunata
S by Yunata

Kuna from PSO2  by NandZ
Kuna by NandZ

Shinobi Hotsuma by NandZ
Shinobi Hotsuma by Mike Hill

Spiral Knights by Tomokii
Spiral Knights by Tomokii

Professor Asobin by Shinogo
Professor Asobin by Shinogo

Strenght & The Empress from The House of the Dead  by His Excellency
Strenght and The Empress by His Excellency

Cain from Binary Domain  by Lia
Cain by Lia

Sakura Shinguji by Aoka
Sakura Shinguji by Aoka

Ecco the Dolphin by Gregory the Palmer
Ecco the Dolphin by Gregory the Palmer


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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