Flying Hamster II’s Kickstarter canceled, publisher found

With its Kickstarter campaign soon coming to an end, the writing was on the wall that the Monster World-inspired Flying Hamster II would not be successfully funded, as it was only able to muster about $33,000 of its $150,000 goal.

Rather than let its campaign end in failure, developer Game Atelier canceled their campaign early today, but they were already working on a relaunch when something surprising happened, according to an email sent to the game’s Kickstarter backers.

“While we were working hard on a relaunch of this Kickstarter campaign with a new approach and lots of improvements, we had the chance to discuss with FDG Entertainment’s Thomas Kern about a possible collaboration on Flying Hamster II,” the email read. “We finally agreed to put our efforts together and make the game happen without rebooting our campaign.”

flying-hamster-ii-canceledFDG Entertainment is an indie game publisher that has focused on mobile titles in the past but also has published console games like Parachute Panic HD on Xbox Live.

“We’ve been following Game Atelier’s impressive quality productions since the release of Flying Hamster and loved their talent and passion which made their games clearly stand out from the crowd,” Kern wrote, who is FDG Entertainment’s co-founder. We’ve been excited about the Kickstarter Project of Flying Hamster II. Being gamers from heart since the early days, we couldn’t do anything but fall in love with the game. We are convinced that this kind of game is what people are still looking for these days, so we jumped in to make sure this game is going to happen and fill us all with joy.

“We are excited to cooperate with Game Atelier in order to make the game become a reality and warp us back into the days of exciting 2D action adventures with the sensation of exploration and wonder,” he added.

The project had stretch goals that would add ports to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but their announcement said the game will initially be released on Steam for PC with other unspecified ports to follow.

“Once again, you’ve been absolutely amazing during this campaign, and we hope that you’ll continue to follow us, spread the word and invite your friends to look forward to this incredible journey that lies ahead,” the message read. “You clearly contributed to make this game happen when you decided to support it, thank you for that! Now, we’ll do it for you, alongside with FDG Entertainment!”

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