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Announcing the ‘Service Games’ contest winners

Last month, we teamed up with David Munoz, the project lead of the SEGA history book Service Games: Rise and Fall of SEGA – Enhanced Edition, to give away a couple of softcover copies of the books and a Service Games T-shirt. To win, contestants had to share their favorite SEGA memory with us on Twitter and Facebook, we already announced the winners live on the Nerdcast, but I thought it would be nice to share their memories in a post as well.

So here are the winners/best memories as picked by our editor Chris:

Master-system-fan-ps4-sliderGolvellius isn’t a game that many gamers would be familiar with but writing down massive passwords has been one of those crazy memories that all of us can relate to. Surprisingly, my most memorable password writing memory was actually from the Dreamcast classic Headhunter. Towards the end of the game, Jack Wade has to punch in a password on the computer, but the password is actually inscribed on the top of a statue that can be viewed by looking at a monitor connected to a security camera. Just to make this puzzle harder, the developers decided to write the password in Chinese/Japanese. Fun!

So congratulations Chad, you have won a soft copy of the book! We all can relate to your memory.

Ryan's Memory3 - Master SystemWow, Ryan. That is a fantastic memory! It is also nice to see Alex Kidd getting a bit of a revival thanks to the All-Star games by Sumo Digital. I personally grow up playing Sonic 2. While I didn’t play Space Harrier until Shenmue, it is always nice discovering a reference to a SEGA game in another SEGA game. I remember being stoked by finding references to a dozen SEGA games in the various libraries across Phantasy Star: End of the Millennium.

Congratulations, Ryan. You have also one a copy of Service Games.

The previous contest winners were chosen by our editor Chris. This tweet by T. Ryan Arnold has been chosen by me. I knew he was a winner the second I read his tweet!

Those who have read Service Games would know that SEGA has been front and center of many controversies. For example, SEGA was taken to court for publishing games that would encourage gamer’s to engage in anti-social activities. Anyway I digress, it was heart warming to read a memory that showed a family bonding over video games. It is certainly something the main stream anti-video game media would ever touch upon.

dreamcast-thinkingDuring our latest Nerdcast, our graphic artist, Kopke, also had a very heart warming – family bonding story about how SEGA is responsible for him and his brother having a few good memories with their father.

Kopke said his father didn’t spend a lot of time with him and his brother but bought him SEGA games that they would play together. In 1999, while living in Mexico, Kopke’s father said he was taking his sons on a road trip to Texas. As the drive went on for hours, Kopke noticed many of the places seemed foreign to him. This culminated in his dad taking his sons to California on 9.9.99; and bought them a SEGA Dreamcast at the launch event! 9.9.99 still stands for one of Kopke’s best SEGA memories.

Congratulations Ryan, we all can relate with your favorite SEGA memory. The company has certainly strengthened the familial bond, it has also helped us forge new friendships. Ryan has won a Service Games T-Shirt.

You can also get this T-shirt for only 20$ and it comes with a free eBook.

To all the contest winners, please email us your addresses (at seganerds[at] and David Munoz will be mailing out your prizes very soon. We would love it if you can share a picture of the prize and yourself.

Lastly, we would like to thank David for collaborating with us on this contest. Service Games has announced another contest on their Facebook page and all you have to do is share this post on Facebook:

The Service Games KickStarter is in its final hours, and the project still hasn’t secured funding. Additionally, the project has some fantastic stretch goals such as free dust jacket, book marks and posters. Please support this project; if you are not much of a reader, you can order the awesome T-shirt that Ryan won for only $20, and it comes with a free e-book!


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