SEGA is selling edible logos in Japan

Taiyakis galore

Before we delve into this particular store, it might be important to note that SEGA created a taiyaki stand earlier this year in Japan. For those who don’t know, taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped snack that is normally filled with red bean paste or other fillings such as custard.

SEGA promised to create other shapes for this popular dish in the future, and their next shape is SEGA’s own logo!

I want it

According to SEGA’s Japanese Twitter account, it took around 6 months to perfect the shape of the SEGA logo for their taiyaki. on the back of this special taiyaki is SEGA’s logo, which translates to “Creation is life.”

Creation is Life

You can expect more awesome designs such as this one in the near future. Have you ever tried taiyaki before? What other designs would you want to see SEGA make? Discuss in the comments!

Via Kotaku 



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