Project Y not actually delayed despite listed release date

We were quite surprised, and a bit disappointed, by WaterMelon Games delaying Pier Solar HD from its scheduled March release date. However, after hearing their reasoning that they wanted to release the game across all platforms nearly simultaneously, we understood their logic.

Of course, Pier Solar HD wasn’t the only SEGA game WaterMelon has in development as the Streets of Rage inspired Project Y has had a release date of March 25 for quite awhile. As you may realize, the game should have been released yesterday, at least according to information found on the game’s official page.

We reached out to WaterMelon Games to get clarification.

[Gwénaël “Fonzie” Godde] put that release date on the website, but it is not the official release date for either [Pier Solar or Project Y,” said Gisele Goodwin, WaterMelon Game’s social media and community manager. “Project Y and Project N are both hopefully be released this year, but there isn’t a final date for it yet.”

While it’s a bit of a bummer we won’t get our hands on Project Y yet at least we have Pier Solar HD to hold us over when it releases next month, right?



Chris Powell

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