3D Classics reviews: 3D Super Hang-On

Ahh here we go, another SEGA classic that I was never a fan of back in the day, Super Hang-On. I think it’s partly because the game didn’t feature zany tracks to drive across, or big guns strapped to the bikes and I totally sucked at the game, that I just really didn’t care for it.

So did I feel bereaved about forking out £4.49 for a game I never enjoyed as a kid? Well find out… right now!

Ooh you have the 3D-ness

3D-Super-Hang-On-19-03-13-008Right, out of the other two 3D Classics that I have reviewed, I found that the 3D visuals often improved the games, or (at least) didn’t diminish the overall experience – but with Super Hang-On I found it to be a mix of good and bad.

Firstly, the 3D has once again added a nice level of depth, meaning that other riders and the road signs give the feeling of playing a 3D racing game (3D as in a game with 3D dimensions to move in and out of – rather than just the 3D visual overlay). But the 3D does also hinder the game at times.

I found often racers, especially when going around corners, would look like they were floating above the track and a couple of times I crashed into signs that seemed to be further away from me than they should have been. But when I turned off the 3D visuals, these problems no longer existed.

Additional features:

3D-Super-Hang-On-19-03-13-010A bit like Space Harrier, Super Hang-On has a couple of really nice additional features, such as mimicking a moving arcade cabinet – where the screen tilts as you race round corners.

And just like Space Harrier, I think it really adds a great touch to the game. While it doesn’t affect gameplay directly, it gives the player a new experience they wouldn’t have felt before from a home version of the game.

You also have difficulty options, you can extend the timer, the screen size (showing the actual cabinet surround if you make the screen smaller). And, for fans of smartphone games, you can also use the 3DS’ gyro sensor, so you can tilt the DS to turn your bike – it’s good for some, but not for everyone (luckily it’s an option).

11072606883_6827fd4d1b_oThere is also an option to adjust the sound in the game. If you read my Space Harrier review, you’ll know I had an issue with the game’s audio and the sound effects drowned out the awesome music. Thankfully the game’s sound effects do not drown out the music, like they did in Space Harrier, however the sound option I just mentioned (unfortunately) doesn’t affect the seperate volumes of the sound effects and music. It’s actually a sound equaliser and it allows you to change the volume of the different sounds used to make the music – like turning up the base volume.

On a side note, I would argue Super Hang-On’s music isn’t quite as good as Space Harrier’s, but it’s still good and I’m happy the audio levels are a good balance as standard.

Another awesome feature, especially for inexperienced players, is the option to save and continue from the last track you got to (even if you get a game over on it). So for people like me who can barely get past track two on our own – this feature totally opened the game up for me. And again, it’s an option, it’s not forced upon you; so hardcore fans can still enjoy a challenge.

Gameplay for the AGES

3d-super-hang-on-3dsWell, as I mentioned, one of the reasons I used to dislike this game was because I sucked at it. I still do suck – I basically can’t even get past one track (on the normal difficulty) without running out of time.

But I cannot fault SEGA or the game for this really. The gameplay hasn’t changed at all, and it holds up really well on the 3DS. Even though there are the niggles with the 3D visuals that made me crash on occasion, it wasn’t all the time.

One thing I would have been worried about would have been the 3D not being able to handle the very quick turns and speed of the game – but generally it looks great.

Essentially, if you like(d) Super Hang-On back in the day and were good at it, I reckon you’ll be right at home here. And if you are having issues with collision, you can just turn off the 3D and be enjoying a cracking port with a nice moving arcade feel.


N3DS_3DSuperHangOn_03Despite my dislike for the game, Super Hang-On has held up really well over the years. As a racer it is really solid, fast and the 3D adds that nice bit of depth.

However, the 3D does also make some of the rival racers look as though they are ‘floating’ above the track and I did seem to hit some signs at times when it looked as though I shouldn’t have.

The additional features, much like the other 3D Classics really help with the experience and for gamers like myself, who suck at the game, turning down the difficulty means that I/we can still get some enjoyment from it.

Would I choose to buy this game? As a gamer who doesn’t like it much, no I wouldn’t. But if you enjoyed the original, I know you’ll still love this.


+ Gameplay is still fast and fluid
+ Additional features are good for fans of the original and new comers.
+ Save feature a life-saver for crap players.


– Game is still pretty tough for inexperienced players
– 3D visuals do actually hinder the game a bit in areas



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