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SEGA and Tommo team up to deliver some awesome mobile accessories

SEGA of America and distributors of video gaming merchandise, Tommo, have revealed a sweet lineup of ‘SEGA Hardware Series’ mobile iPhone accessories (and one general mobile accessory) are scheduled for release starting in November.

Tommo collection grp1The various accessories are being launched over the next couple of months, starting this month (November) we will see SEGA console-themed phone cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s, which come with a bonus screen protector with designs that match the theme of the case.

Tommo collection grp2It’s a shame that they are only iPhone 5 cases, but they do look damn awesome – and obviously it’s going to cost too much to make cases for all the main phone brands out there. But now I actually have a reason to be jealous of iPhone 5 owners – they get some awesome SEGA jazz to pimp their phones out with.

SG_BT_Packaging_3DBut if you don’t own a new iPhone (like myself) then you might be interested in this next item – one that any phone can use. In December, Tommo is releasing the SEGA Genesis Replica Bluetooth Speaker.

The speaker looks retro, but it’s got a number of fancy modern features – which should make the most of a lot of Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. The speaker is said to feature: Bluetooth 4.0 support; NFC, AptX, and Multi-paring support (for streamlined pairing), a built-in rechargeable battery, and a 3.5mm headphone jack (so, if you don’t have Bluetooth, or want to connect an MP3 player – you still can use it).

SG_Speaker_V2_033DAnd while the speaker’s do look a tad ‘boxy’, even compared to the original Genesis, it does appear to be quite loving recreated – from the speaker grills matching the Genesis’ side grills, to the colours of the buttons, which match the various button colours used through the Genesis’ history, and even the tiny dots/notches on the main buttons – which come from the Genesis’ Reset button (for a reminder of what that looks like – click this image here and zoom in).

SG_PP_Packaged_v2_bAlso in December, Tommo will release the SEGA Genesis and SEGA Saturn Power Partner battery chargers, complete with a fully encased aluminum body, laser engraved SEGA Hardware design, dual charging ports, a Bonus retro style protective Case, and a custom travel pouch.

The entire line up of Tommo Mobile SEGA Hardware Series mobile accessories will be available at Amazon.com, ThinkGeek.com, BestSku.com and other US retailers.

There’s no word as to whether the series will be readily available outside of the US at this moment – a quick search on Amazon.co.uk suggests that it won’t (items like the Bluetooth speaker are up for preorder on Amazon.com at the moment).

Tommo collection grp3 Tommo collection grp4

Tommo collection grp5

For more information and better images, check out Tommo’s site.

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