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Bayonetta sports short hair, 2-player mode in sequel

As a man who got really upset when his wife suddenly cut her hair, I have to admit I didn’t know quite what to think during today’s Nintendo Direct, which featured Bayonetta 2’s star sporting a much shorter haircut. Her long, black hair played a pretty big part in the original game, as it actually acted as her suit. But it looks like with the cutting of hair, she got a new get-up, too.

Aside from that, though, the sequel looks every bit as awesome as the first game, showcasing beat downs of giant angels, collapsing environments and even throws in an F-22 Raptor. Pretty damn awesome. While not much else has been explained up to this point, it was confirmed at the Nintendo Wii U Software Showcase that the game will support a stand-alone, two-player mode, according to IGN.

Chris Powell

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