Second SEGA Pluto prototype found… at a flea market

The other day we reported on the existence of the SEGA Pluto, a prototype of the Saturn, which included features like the Netlink adapter built-in.

The Pluto was revealed to the world by a former SEGA employee, who said that (apparently) only two prototypes of the machine were ever made.

Well it turns out that a Destructiod reader, kidvid666, owns one of the Prototypes and he bought it about six years ago at a flea market… for $1! That’s a pretty impressive find.

To prove he had one and to give us all a taste of what the machine is like, kidvid666 posted up a demonstration video for Destructoid. Apparently the system is in fully working order, though the lid doesn’t stay shut properly. kidvid666 says he might put it on eBay at some point and if he does, I would expect that it’s going to be fetching a pretty penny, seeing as there are only two in existence.

So, I’m just one lottery win away from owning a Pluto. Excellent.

[Source: Destructoid]

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