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Sonic Adventure 1 and 2’s online features recovered

The Dreamcast scene never ceases to amaze us

If you have been following the Dreamcast scene, you should know by now that a huge online revival has been ongoing with many games having their online mode recovered, websites being created to work with the Dreamcast browsers and also new features like the Dreamcast Now.

But this great community never stops to amaze us, with more great news that now tons of the online features for Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 have been recovered, and it’s not just it, Sonic Adventure 2 one of the few Dreamcast games to feature add-on content that were not on the disk have also been recovered.

Here is a list of what have been recovered:

Sonic Adventure 1

  • Compete in World Rankings for the best times, score, rings in levels
  • Download DLCs like new courses for the Twinkle Park Circuit among other things
  • Have rankings for DLCs
  • Have a Chao Daycare system to share your Chao all over the world
  • Upload you Chao times with the Chao rankings
  • Fun Room contains the Black Market and a Chao Doctor
  • Hints
  • Boards

To use these features simply make an account on http://bb.dreampipe.net/ and you’re good to go.

Sonic Adventure 2

  • Online Black Market (Partially Online Again)
  • DLC that was not on the disk
  • Chao Daycare
  • Hints
  • Send Omochao questions
  • The scrapped Online rankings although you can still access the menu with codebreaker

Video in action:

All of this have been recovered thanks to all the efforts done specially by Jial, Ryo Hazuki from the Youtube Channel “Itsstillthinking” and Dan the admin of dreampipe.net

If you don’t have your Dreamcast online yet, we recommend you to visit the website Dreamcast live and take a look on DreamPi.


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