Video review: ToeJam and Earl

Hello everyone! My name is Steven Clem, and this is my review of Toejam and Earl!

To give you a brief look into who I am, I am 26 years old and recently graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Technology and Culture, which basically means I know a little bit about everything computer related.

Currently, I run my own YouTube page, and now I’m working for Sega Nerds and I am thrilled to bring you all more reviews in the future.

Lets us know what you think about my review in the comments below! Thanks for watching and keep your eyes peeled for future reviews!

Steven Clem

Hello! My name is Steven, I am 26 years young and currently live in Vancouver Washington (originally from Southern California). . I got into Sega when I was in 1st grade. My best friend Shane at the time had a Sega Genesis and the first game I ever played for it was Sonic 2. I was instantly hooked. Even though I love Sonic 2, Sonic CD will always remain my favorite Sonic game and possibly my favorite game of all time. Thanks for reading, I am really looking forward to talking to you all and bringing you some more Sega reviews!

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