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TecToy unveils its new limited edition SEGA Genesis

Last week, TecToy published a video on its blog with several classic SEGA Genesis games and a countdown that directed the readers to an email list to be the first to learn about this announcement.

After a lot of speculation and rumors, the countdown has finally ended and TecToy has introduced its new Genesis. Disappointingly, the console won’t include HDMI output, but it will have a traditional cartridge slot and SD card reader, and it will look virtually identical to the Model 1 Genesis, as we expected.

It’s worth noting, this is not an emulator. The new Genesis has an integrated circuit which uses similar components to the original console, and it will come with the classic three-button controller, as well as 22 games in memory.

The console will cost approximately $124 (R$ 399), and it will be release in June 2017, can be pre-ordered on the official Tectoy Website.

Games in the memory:

  • E-SWAT
  • SONIC 3

Package contents:

  • 1 Console Genesis/Mega Drive with AC cable
  • 1 Joystick 3 buttons
  • 1 audio and video cable
  • 1 instruction manual with warranty certificate


  • Connection games in mini SD card – FAT32
  • Composite video PAL-M (RCA)
  • Stereo Audio (2x RCA)
  • Headphone with 75mW per channel volume control
  • Internal power supply 110 / 220v automatic 0,75Watts

Processors (integrated into a single chip):

  • MC68000 7.16MHz
  • Z80 3.58MHz

Integrated memory:

  • RAM system: 64K bytes
  • RAM Sound: 8K bytes
  • Video RAM: 64K bytes
  • Video resolution (SEGA Original) 256 x 224
  • Pallet of 512 colors
  • Simultaneous: 64 colors (15 per Sprite 8×8)

Audio Effects:

  • 6 channels modulation AM-FM
  • 2 PSG channels (Each channel with three square wave generators and one of white noise)
  • 1 8-bit analog channel

Luiz Nai

I'm huge fan of Sega, I have been playing Sega games for over 20 years and games like Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Saga and also all the Arcades race games are my favorites. Besides of playing Sega games I have a post degree in Game development and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time.

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  • ElementoXBr

    De acordo com o site os jogos não estarão na memória, mas num cartão SD que curiosamente não está na lista de conteúdo.
    According to the site the video games are not in memory, but an SD card which curiously is not in the content list.

    • Good point, but I’m sure this SD Card will come with the console.

    • Jorge Miashike

      ElementoXBr está correto.
      All the information about the SD from ElementoXBr is correct.

    • Poeira Jogos

      @elementoxbr:disqus é demais, está sempre certo, além de ser muito bonito

    • ElementoXBr

      Dois manés hahaha

  • Ricardo Wesley Oliveira Enir

    I am Brazilian and old school Sega fan. I’m just wondering something… If these new components are similar to the old ones and are very low specified to our days, why it’s so expensive?!

    • Ezen Tavares

      The price of the hype

      • Ricardo Wesley Oliveira Enir


    • Because, sadly, they know they can. It’s just another way of a terrible company to abuse a fanbase and milk them as much as possible.

    • Mario Rivera

      Its a real hardware master system and genesis in one with built a flashcart. If you add that all up then $120 is not bad at all

  • I just hope it doesn’t have the problems that the AtGames Genesis consoles have.

    • Edward Morgan

      I would bet money it is the exact same chip. The SD card slot is very close to proof.

      • Rômulo Dessotti

        It’s not the same chip. They use a much better one, but still not as good as an original.

  • Dan Copping

    I can see people going crazy for this. Pretty much every person over twenty six who’s above the poverty line loved the Genesis (or the S.*.*.S).

  • Nikodem Franciszek Riebandt

    Why composite video only? I understand that this isnt an emulator and pretty much nothing works with 240p over HDMI and setting up an upscaler inside of this would be too bloody expensive but at least give use an option to use RGBscart or component.

    • I’m also disappointed with this choice =/

      • Nikodem Franciszek Riebandt

        I’m being hopeful here, but maybe, if it is oh so close to the original Genesis it will just work with the Start cables from the actual consoles. If that was the case I’d totally get this cause, hell, a NEW genesis (as in not tarnished by almost 30 years of existence) with a built in ever drive (I assume that’s what the SD card is for) that also plays original Carts ? That sounds pretty Spiff

  • Christine

    No Streets of Rage?

    • It can be easily solved just downloading the game to the SD Card XD

      • Christine

        AH! I missed that detail! Now I REALLY want one!!!!

  • neil

    Sounds like it won’t have Sega CD connectors. Sounds like a great package for folks who want a brand new Genesis for their crt’s though.

    • Yes, I feel it can be a good console for someone who never tried a Genesis before or someone who is not a hardcore gamer!

  • Great write-up, Luiz.

    I know you’ve been looking into this for a while, so I definitely wanted to give credit where credit is due… because somebody should.

    • Thanks a lot man!!! I’m happy people are enjoying what I’m writing, we are doing a great job keeping the Sega history alive.

  • Bruno S

    O Brasil mais uma vez na frente, sempre esperei esse tipo de atitude dos chineses.

    BR é foda!

  • Unfortunately, then, no reason whatsoever to buy this since my SMD with RGB mod and Everdrive works perfectly…

  • Edward Morgan

    A shame it isn’t an emulator, since the Firecore chipset they are almost certainly using has rather severe sound glitches.

  • khodave

    Its useless without RGB.

  • 256×224? That’s merely SNES resolution. The Mega Drive is supposed to do 320×224!

  • McHunt
    • For the specifications this console looks very different when compared to the AT Games ones. Let’s wait before take any conclusion hehe.

  • Mike Smith

    Does anyone know if TecToy will ship internationally, or is there any other way to get items from Brazil?

    • We haven’t heard whether they will, but due to Brazil’s import/export laws, we doubt it will make much sense as they’d be insanely expensive. There was a Japanese company that was going to carry them, so importing them that way could be a better alternative.

    • Rômulo Dessotti

      Try MercadoLivre, which is the brazilian eBay.

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