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Project Dream, the group behind Dreamcast 2, shuts down

Back in December, you might have read up on a petition for the Dreamcast 2. The petition asked SEGA to “license and release a Dreamcast 2 designed and supported by the community”, and Project Dream was ready to start working on a prototype. The group even had an apparent Dreamcast 2 UI , which they showed off in January.

Unfortunately, it looks like the team has had some conflict from within and has disbanded the group.

The project has been taken offline. This is due to a schism within the team caused by inefficient and amateurish conduct resulting in members being removed and others leaving the team. In light of such unprofessional behavior and an embarrassing lack of progress, seasoned members of the gaming industry have chosen to distance themselves from the project. I too am stepping away from Project Dream. Please note the Twitter account @Project_DreamDC is no longer associated with this group.

The Project Dream site was taken down, along with their Facebook page. While the dream may have ended for the group, we can always hope SEGA one day re-enters the console business.

Via Dreamcast Junkyard 

Marcin Gulik

Been a gamer all my life. Studied Sociology and Criminology in college, and traveled for a bit. I like long walks on the beach and I like to listen to... (wait wrong site....) Sega Dreamcast and Shenmue all the way!

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  • Nathan


  • This “project” was great at raising followers, but persistently failed on vision. For example, its technical specifications underscored a lack of knowledge about console R&D. As one of the few who is still paid to do that kind of stuff, it always struck me as a poor tactic to try and “campaign” a company into doing something. At least OUYA and startups like mine are trying to get Vulkan and other tech out into the open, and gestate a product.

    Pinning your hopes on a spec sheet that includes a 2-year-old-and-discontinued-CPU was merely the first death blow, and sadly, that came on launch day for this “project”. Great idea, but lacking the mandate to deliver. If they wanted to pull this off, it should have been in a leveraged campaign to Sega’s shareholders.

    • vanhalendlrband .

      I never saw specs for project dream once. Followed it the whole time

      • See above comment, it was quickly pulled. They originally called for using Haswell with a NVIDIA GPU. Both of which were already in desupply as Broadwell was in manufacturing, but not yet launched. Even if Sega had hired the “team” to do the “project” the next day – those chips would have been out of channel by the time production began. Clearly showed a lack of R&D know-how… especially since specs for Broadwell and Skylake were public on Intel’s behalf by then. Even then, choosing a separate CPU and GPU for a mainstream console makes no economic sense today.

        • Jorge Del Sol

          Yeah even I never saw what you are talking about. I doubt there would be any serious discussion around an older piece of tech. Even some noob building a barebone kit would understand tech that is going out the door.

          • Again, it was only up for a day. I even tweeted about it at the time. I suspect I wasn’t the only one, hence why they took the ridiculous specs down so quickly.

    • vanhalendlrband .

      You should see what my LGA 775 does with my q9650 at 3.8ghz. Fast and smooth 1080p framerates max settings or minus AA (which is kind of useless at 1080p) with a radeon r7 370

      Thats like 7-8 year old tech

      • No doubt, the problem was they were promoting a CPU for which Intel had already taken out of production. They were promoting a vision and a spec sheet for which they could not even order the parts to build. The spec sheet was pulled shortly after debut.

    • Jorge Del Sol

      They never released tech specs. Not sure where you got that idea.

  • cube_b3

    Let’s hope Segs starts making Dreamcast quality games before talking consoled again.

  • Helder Peres
    • Marcin

      I have a feeling it’s one or two people who have taken what remains of the team and claim that it’s still ongoing. The quote that was posted on Facebook “In light of such unprofessional behavior and an embarrassing lack of progress, seasoned members of the gaming industry have chosen to distance themselves from the project. ” seems a bit telling, though… We’ll see as the story develops.

    • TheShadowSteve

      Everybody left the team… Only the founder is left!

  • Hakeem XSonic Garner

    Damn And I Was Going Crazy,I Was Like Yes They’re Bringing Sega Back To The Console Market,We Somehow Knew They Would Fail Cause They Havent Made Systems In A Long Time And This Was Being Made By Fans,If It Was Actually Made By The Company

    They Would’ve Succeeded Or Almost,If They Was Really Bringing That Back,I Was Gonna Drive My Brother And Father Crazy To Get Me,It’s Been Years,I Aint Getting NX,F*** The NX Actually

    I Grew Up Playing Sega And Nintendo When I Was A Kid But Nintendo Is Too Kiddy,It’s Like Disney

  • vanhalendlrband .

    The petition page is still up and says its still going with a new message saying the project is continuing

    • Last one out, shut the lights. Most of the “team” gave up and realized trying to convince Sega in this manner was commendable, but fool-hearted. A Japanese company is not going to listen to the petitions of a die-hard group of fans. And no, Shenmue 3 does not count… that only happened because Yu made a personal request to Sega executives – who did it out of honor, not a realization of demand.

      • Jorge Del Sol

        Again, not sure where you are getting your info. Have you read Dreamcast Junkyard or the project dream Facebook group? They confirmed there was some rift in the team itself. Some sort of in-fighting. Only the original guy is running the petition now but the rest quit working with him. Odd sauce.

        • No doubt, but I don’t see how any of that conflicts with what I posted above.

  • vashthestampede

    I was part of this group and it started out great. About a month in it turned for the worse. All these people would dominate every top with all these “great” ideas and hybrid machines. When people tried to be an actual community, they got knocked down. They only wanted people to talk about the project specs only. Then people dropped off. Me and a few people kept trying to say that it needs to be a revival of the Dreamcast. Rerelease it and make people notice. Then try and compete. Guess it hasn’t quite worked out.

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  • ironkong

    i just found out about this and its already dead..wtf

    • You’re not the only one…

      Jk, I knew about them. But I finally learned that it’s dead.

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