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Gumi, SEGA discuss Chain Chronicle’s shuttering

It’s only been a few days since Gumi announced it would be ceasing operations and support for Chain Chronicle in late February, and fans throughout the world are still shocked over the sudden announcement.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it was a fantastic tower defense RPG that was developed by SEGA and published by Gumi outside of Japan and a few other countries in Asia. To say it had a dedicated fanbase is an understatement as there’s already been a petition launched to save the game that’s garnered more than 1,300 signatures.

It’s truly a somber time for these dedicated players, and on Chain Chronicle’s subreddit, players are sharing their fondest memories of the game.

We talked to Gumi and SEGA about the game’s closure to get some answers.

1) First off, can you explain the reasoning behind the game’s closure? Seeing that it reached over 1 million users last year, the game appeared to have been quite popular and enjoyed an active user base.

[gumi] Although Chain Chronicle was a success among fans, achieving well over a million downloads last year, we at gumi are focusing more of our resources in 2016 on upcoming titles, such as Phantom of the Kill, bringing fantasy role playing action that Chain Chronicle fans will enjoy.

We recognize the popularity of Chain Chronicle, and we thank and appreciate our fans in North America. Current and active players can continue to experience Chain Chronicle with some fun changes until the game shuts down on February 29, 2016. We hope that players will enjoy these changes and, in the process, make some fond memories of the game. Specific information can be found here: http://chainchronicle.gumi.sg/main/.

For questions or concerns, players can contact https://www.gumisupport.com/hc/en-us.

2) Was this decision made by SEGA or Gumi?

In a refocusing of resources in 2016, gumi has decided to end publishing duties for Chain Chronicle in North America.

3) Will the game close worldwide, including Japan?

[gumi/SEGA] Territories where the game is not published by gumi are not affected. This includes Japan (SEGA of Japan), Korea, China and Taiwan (local publishers).

4) Will Chain Chronicle’s shuttering have any impact on the the announced Chain Chronicle anime?

[SEGA] The Chain Chronicle anime is being overseen by SEGA of Japan. The Western closure of the title does not affect it.

5) Are there plans for any new Chain Chronicle games down the line?

[SEGA] We have no announcements at this time.

6) Does Chain Chronicle’s closure have any impact on the rest of SEGA’s mobile games in the West?

[SEGA] While gumi has made the decision to close down Chain Chronicle, SEGA remains dedicated to their Western publishing unit SEGA Networks, SEGA’s mobile division in the West. Recent releases include: Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, and published the indie hit, Heroki, developed by Picomy.

Chain Chronicle has already been removed from app stores and will remain in operation until Feb. 28, when Gumi will shut down its servers, making the game unplayable.

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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  • Libre

    I’m still sad about this. It’s the only game I’ve been so dedicated to. At least i now that i should never play a mobile SEGA game again.

    • Joe Freund

      Did you even read the article? Gumi made the decision to shut it down, not SEGA.

      • tailsic

        I think the problem he trying to say is, Sega won’t localize there own games, they need someone else to do that, and i guess he find that lazy, that sega won’t handle the localization themselves.

        • John Sayar

          Sega simply does not want to spend money to localize the games and would rather have someone else do it and pay them royalties.

          • WEs

            gonna have to say SEGA is pretty lazy, you can play phantasy star Online with western localization and it’s totally a fan made hack, yet what does SEGA do with it…nothing. Lazy, incompetent and most likely racist.

        • 60hz

          lol laziness has nothing to do with it… it’s more financial than “lazy” – lazy LOL… they’ve had a hard time in today’s western markets, so why bother…

        • Lazy? Are you serious lol it’s not about being lazy they do run the game in Japan and other places where CC is still playable it’s about money. CC was only shut down in western area global servers the ones Sega runs are still up and running and being played daily

    • Hoàng Mỹ

      Have you heard Grandchase NA? it is a example about this problem!

    • 60hz

      It was GUMI not sega… in japan CC is still going, GUMI is probably understaffed and thinking that the end of the rainbow is that other game they mentioned… i think it’s a silly move but we shall see..

    • It’s not Sega it’s gumi in the areas that Sega runs it and not gumi it’s still playable like Japan China ect. It’s gumi games you need to avoid not sega

  • Haise Potato Sasako

    This is the first mobile app game that i’ve been enjoying, sadly to hear that it’s shutting down. About a year of hardwork i’ve poured to this game. Well im a F2P but it doesnt change the fact that i enjoy it.
    Thanks for giving and publishing CC, Gumi. May I wish that i find an Alternative game for CC that i loved so much

  • anon

    I’m sad beyond words… It was a good game…

  • Sol

    “bringing fantasy role playing action that chain chronicle fans will enjoy” Get lost Gumi, Im going to avoid every games of yours from now on..

  • Chun Chang

    Phantom of the Kill looks like Fire Emblem…

    Chain Chronicles was unique. Bring it back ;_;

    • ルイス パトリック

      Yeah! bring it back!

  • HNN

    Thanks seganerds for some closure and you’re the worst gumi

  • 60hz

    seriously stupid move there gumi, why would anyone trust you enough to invest time and energy and (sometimes) cash in your next products… very silly move.

    • My thoughts exactly they said they know Chain Chronicle was very popular and successful however they are focusing on other games that cc players will enjoy hah what a load of crap. We will never invest time and money in their crap now since even if it’s successful it’s not a reason to keep it going. Is there a way for us to play on the other servers that didn’t shut the game down? Lots of ppl still play it just not us here in the US ugh wtg gumi dumb move

  • ルイス パトリック

    It’s the best mobile game ever bring it back please! we gamers have different genre in gaming. but this game is very unique! please bring it back! I choose to play this than black ops! please bring it back to MOBILE!

  • TheOneAndOnlyAlex

    ”So we can focus on other games the players will enjoy like Phantom of the Kill”………Really? This is the reason? CC has a story 10000 time better that that crap. The 2 games dont even compare. CC was unique , the story makes you get invested , it makes you want more and the characters……Oh my god they were the best, each had their own story no matter how small. It really made them feel alive. And they merged with stories of other characters.This game was the first and only mobile game I loved so much that I put money into. I’m very dissapointed. So you can go shove Phantom of the shit up your ass Gumi.

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