How The Casino Went Mobile

The speed at which online casinos have gone mobile is phenomenal – that’s for sure. But where will they jet to next, and how quickly? This article looks at why this type of digital entertainment has soared and where the industry is likely to go next.

Online casinos have become part and parcel of popular culture, and the smartphone is undoubtedly the leading piece of technology that has grown this gaming genre all across the world – making it not only higher in quality but also more accessible than ever before.

Smarter mobile tech

The development of intelligent wearable mobile technology has come a long way since the invention of the humble cellphone by Motorola in the early 1970s. Modern smart mobile technology and wearable tech are the epitome of connectivity and show how far the internet and its uses have come. This smart tech means that the mobile casino is now much easier to access and has been at the foundation of the casino going mobile.

More widespread use of mobile devices

More people now have access to these aforementioned smart mobile devices than at any other time in human history. With over 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide, it is a social norm and one that now allows the simplest access to online games, entertainment, and media. It is a device that has evolved from simply being used for communication to one that is used for everything, from banking and shopping to life planning, work, and games (and the online casino, of course).

The quality of the games

Many games are now made specifically for mobile devices, and a wealth of online casino games, like PowerPlay, have specialized in perfecting the mobile platform and the nature of the available games in this genre. Developers such as Net Ent and Evolution gaming have made some of the highest-quality casino games out there at the moment and, in doing so, garnered a global following.

It’s a global phenomenon

Even though you can play in an online casino on your smartphone and can likely use a VPN to play from wherever you are, these digital, internet-based gambling platforms are now available across the globe and accommodate all fans in most countries, from the best online casino Australia has to offer to the top offerings in Europe and the Americas.

There are also geographically specific sites that have been set up to cater to people in particular regions of the world – perhaps smaller areas where gambling laws are stricter, which casino sites must adhere to if they wish to open their games to players in such lands. Wherever players may be in the world, the online casino has become a global phenomenon – that is clear, and it’s primarily thanks to the advancement and popularization of mobile technology.

Virtual and augmented reality tech is at the next level

There may have been a time when people thought that Pokémon Go was the ‘top of the pops’ in terms of where augmented and virtual reality gaming could go. It is now so much more advanced, and as the cost of virtual reality headsets and accessories drops, there are now many more options for gamers to play in a virtual world – casino fans included, given that virtual reality casinos have begun to appear very recently.

The online casino is not a new phenomenon, but the factors discussed in this article show why it has now gone mobile and become one of the most followed pastimes in global history. The quality of the games, the number and region-specific platforms and providers, and lastly, the rise of smart mobile tech have all come together to create the perfect storm for the online casino to go global.

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