3 Retro Sega Titles We Want to See Make a Comeback in Gaming

We must go back to July 1983 to find the release of the first Sega console. Sega is a Japanese video game hardware developer and publisher and they have produced some of the greatest titles in video gaming history. They are also responsible for some of the finest gaming consoles, including the Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast. Many of the top Sega video games have been consigned to history but we believe there are 3 titles that should make a comeback.

Golden Axe

The first Golden Axe game was released in 1989 by Sega and is a side scrolling beat ’em up. The aim of the game is to end the terrible reign of dictator Death Adder and you can choose from one of the three warriors to complete the mission. Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler, and Tyris Flare are the three available characters and progress is made by defeating Adder’s forces across a series of scrolling levels. The characters can each cast spells and these help to make progress in the game. Golden Axe III was the final instalment in the original series of games in 1993 and we believe it is time for the popular game to have a revival.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

This was arguably the best Sega video game to be produced for the Saturn console. Panzer Dragoon Saga was released by Sega in 1998 and immediately became a big hit in the video gaming community. The Saturn console was not an enormous success, but Panzer Dragoon Saga was one of the major plus points to come from the console. The game was the third to be released in the Panzer Dragoon series and the role-playing video game boasted many excellent features, including the ability to roam anywhere, enjoy random encounters, and participate in semi-turn-based battles. The idea of the game was for Sega to compete with PlayStation and their leading title, Final Fantasy. It worked and Panzer Dragoon Saga is regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time. It would be fantastic to see this game redeveloped and available with modern graphics and sound.

Impossible Mission

Not to be confused with Mission Impossible but along a similar theme, Impossible Mission was available to play on the Sega Master System. It is a blend of adventure and platform gaming, and you assume the role of a secret agent, whose job it is to infiltrate an enemy base. Impossible Mission is a timed game, meaning you have a set amount of time to complete the job. You must access Professor Elvin Atombender’s control room and there are password pieces that must be found and combined to gain entrance to the room. In addition to the main game, there are bonus puzzles, and these add to the overall great gameplay.

We are now spoilt for choice when it comes to gaming. One look at the new casino at MrCasinova shows how lucky we are to live in an age where you can have real money casino games transported into your home. However, there is something special about playing retro video games and it would be fantastic if Sega could bring back Golden Axe, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Impossible Mission.

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