The most popular casino streamers on Twitch 2022

Live streaming has been on everyone’s lips for a few years now. If you don’t want to play yourself and challenge your luck at slots or tables, you can simply watch the pros of the industry on platforms like Twitch – completely free of charge, of course. The best casinos not on GamStop UK streamers on Twitch allow you to get to know the gambling establishment, learn about different strategies, and generally a lot of useful information. The best gambling streamers on Twitch allow you to get to know the gambling establishment, learn about different strategies, and generally a lot of useful information.

Top streamers gambling on Twitch

Before you watch Twitch casino, you should familiarize yourself with the list of the most famous streamers on the expanses of the Internet. So, here are the most famous names:


xQc is Canadian Félix Lengyel, whose Twitch follower count is 10.8. Félix aka xQc is a Twitch streamer who brings all facets of the casino portfolio to his viewers. Not only does he have a knack for innovative slots, but he’s also been able to make quite a splash with crypto mini games like Plinko. The betting stakes are striking, as several hundred dollars have long become commonplace at xQc.


As Roshtein is called in real life, Ismael Schwartz is one of the most daring Twitch streamers. And just recently, you could marvel at his biggest win of $17.55 million casino after “spinning” for almost nine hours straight. The streamer’s estimated net worth is well over 20 million euros.


Born in the U.S. in 1980, Tyler Nicknam is just as fond of Twitch. More than 1.4 million followers regularly watch the successful streamer play at his favourite casino. His highest win to date was $22,500,000. If there’s one thing Trainwreckstv loves, it’s Bonus Hunts.

Adin Ross

The American is currently considered the Twitch star of all. Not even prominent gamers like Roshtein or MontanaBlack can come close to the high follower numbers. The entertainment value of Adin Ross’ streams is hard to beat, as is his extroverted manner. A bit of luck was certainly part of the success, and ultimately it was an Xposed stream that gave Adin Ross unimagined prominence.

What’s special is that Adin is one of only a few gamers to stream under his real name. He’s a celebrated star in the US, and Ross is gradually making a name for himself in this country. He has 4.4 million TikTok followers and thousands of subscribers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Watching the video from this streamer, you learn a lot of useful information, such as how to play and win, what games are the most profitable and even how to bypass GamStop.

Corinna Kopf

She’s a streamer, web video producer, gamer, and social media star: Corinna Kopf is hard to pigeonhole and is as busy as she is successful. The US-American was born on December 1, 1995, in Illinois.

After spending a lot of time with her family in, streaming fans regularly get to hear Corinna Kopf speak in her native language.

Kopf began her streaming career under the pseudonym Pouty Girl. After a Twitch suspension and an interim switch to Facebook Gaming, however, she is now back under her real name and not far from her first million Twitch subscribers.

Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys are a very special group of successful YouTubers such as Kyle Forgeard, Stevewilldoit and Jesse Sebastiani. The young men have been successfully producing videos for over a decade, and now they have moved on to Twitch live streaming in the casino games section.

In them, we see probably the funniest and equally craziest Twitch fans ever signed.At Nelk, pranks are still the order of the day. As Twitch streamers, the young men, most of whom live in Los Angeles, are a little more level-headed than their 7 million-plus YouTube fans are used to.

Kyle Forgeard

Kyle is a comedian, social media star and head of the Nelk Boys, whose pranks are considered legendary. Since May 2022, the versatile Canadian has been taking on a new role, as Kyle Forgeard has now also discovered Twitch streaming for himself. He announced this together with his team, which has already made some headlines.

Kyle Forgeard brings everything it takes to live to stream. He didn’t grow up with film production, but he has also shot videos himself and knows how to stage himself skillfully. His empire, which he built with the Nelk Boys, has the potential to become a billion-dollar corporation. A Twitch fan, then, from whose reach the casino can certainly profit.

Who streams gambling?

Streaming online casinos do, as a rule, experienced players or connoisseurs of gambling. Today, these people watch their peers, film their gameplay on camera, inserting their own comments. They also reveal strategies and provide viewers with answers to questions within the chat room. Their expertise includes launching live broadcasts and, of course, showing their own face. They also entertain themselves by commenting on their own actions and the moves of their opponents, including computer programs.

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