Great video games endings

Although the popularity of video games has increased considerably over the last few years, not many have great conclusions. However, there are some with endings that stand out from the crowd. They make you feel like all your struggles to get to the finale were worth it.

Talk of the same feeling you get when you finally bag the Jackpot on a reputable platform like Betway after trying for the umpteenth time!

The following video games have epic endings, earning millions of standing ovations from gamers worldwide. We have based our picks on various aspects, including popularity, fan votes, and personal preferences.


Released in 2016, Inside’s ending promoted intense debates and discussions. This is not specifically about the ending, but its entire storyline, which features shocking switch-ups. For most of the gameplay, you play as a fragile little kid who must continually avoid attacks from various enemies.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re raging through one facility as a giant, ugly blob. This not only changes the play in an innovative way, but it also serves to drive home some of the game’s recurrent themes and motifs, such as tyranny, control, and bodily horror.

GLaDOS Is Still Alive In Portal

The game¬†concludes with Chell eventually smashing the cores of the malicious machine that was subjecting her to horrific experiments. However, before the players can rejoice, they are greeted with a surprise. With its sweet melody brilliantly complementing GLaDOS’ taunts to Chell that she’s still living and plans to undertake more tests, Jonathan Coulton’s “Still Alive” is the ideal climax to Valve’s darkly humorous puzzler. The song was lauded by many¬†as one of the best in gaming history, and it spawned sequel musical pieces in Lego Dimensions and Sequel Dimensions.

Red Dead Redemption (2010)

We were relieved to see John Marston settle down with his family after spending so many hours watching him combat numerous bandits and avoid an unending number of gunshots. We were then treated to one of gaming’s most heartbreaking scenarios.

Outnumbered and desperate to save his family, the player’s only option is to kill as many enemies as possible before this unfolds. Fortunately, the game provided a fantastic epilogue. Players took on the role of John’s son in order to track down the nasty old codger who had ordered his father’s killing. Simply put, vengeance was sweet!

Winning The Jackpot 

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These are some great video game endings, whether it’s by defeating a scary monster or an emotionally poignant finale!

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